Business Formation during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Update #5

9.25.20. Simeon Alder. This update to the “Business Formation during the COVID-19 Pandemic” report includes the business formation statistics from calendar weeks 39 through 42 and the state-level labor market data for the month of September. Labor market conditions and business applications are linked using the same accounting approach as the original report and the four previous updates

Business Dynamism in the U.S. and in Wisconsin

3.28.19. Simeon Alder. The decline of business dynamism in the United States has garnered considerable attention in recent years. Academic research has highlighted various aspects of this decline in dynamism,
among them the rise in market share concentration, the aging of firms, the rise in mark-ups, or the disappearance of young, high-growth firms. In this report, we review the available data with a particular focus on Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial activity.