Higher Ed

  • On the Allocation of Resources Between UW-Madison and UWM

    7.20.21. Ananth Seshadri. Should we reallocate resources away from UW-Madison to UWMilwaukee (UWM) to equalize per student state appropriations? This report brings the best available evidence to bear and finds no basis for such a reallocation.

  • Fetzer Initiative on Economic Opportunity Policy Brief

    10.19. Ananth Seshadri. The UW-System faces price controls like none of its peers. This policy brief provides some background for this freeze. It brings the best available evidence to bear on returns to college, investing in the UW-System, and college debt.

  • UW-Madison and the State of Wisconsin

    9.10.18. Ananth Seshadri. The higher education landscape has changed considerably over the past few decades. As government funding for health care has increased in virtually every state in the United States, support for higher education has taken a backseat.

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