Economic Issues in the 2020 Election and Beyond

Join us for our virtual Fall Webinar Series “Economic Issues in the 2020 Election and Beyond“, featuring prominent economists. The webinars will follow a discussion format rather than a formal presentation. At the end, CROWE director Prof Noah Williams will moderate a Q&A session which will include questions from the live chat.  Please visit this site later for links to the join the webinar series. We look forward to your participation.

Webinar Schedule:

September 28, 7:00 pm CDT: “Economic Issues in 2020”

Discussion with Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach,  Northwestern University and Lee Ohanian, UCLA

October 6, 7:00 pm CDT: “Fiscal Policy in the US in 2020 and Beyond”

Discussion with Brian Riedl, Manhattan Institute. In addition to discussing these policy issues, Brian is a UW alum so we’ll talk about how he went from UW to DC & his experience in policymaking.

October 13, 7:00 pm CDT: “Economic Policy during the Trump Administration”

Discussion with Casey Mulligan, University of Chicago, former Chief Economist of the President Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, and author of a recent book “You’re hired!” about his experience.